Welcome to my website, please have a look around.

The main reason for me having it is so I can display my recent work’ both work I’ve taken on outside my normal day job, as well as work I’ve been involved in within my day job.  It helps act as a online CV as a place to broadcast my skills and talents. If you think that Fifteen’s (or my) services in Design or Websites might be useful to you, please feel free to contact me.

You can also see my creative side, and hobbies within the website, full of songs that I’ve recorded, as well as clips from shows that I have been in. Singing and Acting is something that I have a big passion for and love to do, since I was very little, so I’m proud to have these on my website, and to show you all what I can do.


In my spare time I sing a range of covers, which can be found on my music page

Digital Producer

 Currently working at Fifteen as a Digital Producer, and loving my job! I work with a whole bunch of great people, and great clients. You can see the latest jobs that I have been working on with the Fifteen team in my portfolio


Another spare time hobby, I love taking photographs, and sharing them on my Instagram and Flickr streams (when i get the chance), you can also find my fave photos on my photography page.  


In my freetime, I build websites for my friends and family, these are no way in par with the work created at Fifteen, but it is something that I enjoy doing and have fun learning new skills and tricks that I can implement in my day to day work life.